Notes on Thinking Fast and Slow

This post describes a short summary of several central concepts in this book. I only write down the centeral concepts and a one line description of each of these.

Collaborating with Latex and git

In this post, I will describe a setup I recently settled upon, which makes writing papers when collaborating easy. This setup is especially useful, when one or more of the collaborators aren’t tech-savvy and can’t use git.

A Trekking Expedition through the Chandrakhani Pass Part 2

This post is the continuation of the Part 1 of the experience. To read Part 1 please click here.

A Trekking Expedition through the Chandrakhani Pass Part 1

This is my first non-technical post on my blog. I going to describe my experiences of the trek through the Chandrakhani pass. This trek was organised by the Youth Hostels Association of India. The post is divided into two parts - The experiences of the first few days in the first post and the experiences of the remaining days in the second post.